La San Marco manufacture Italy’s leading espresso/cappuccino coffee machines. These can be supplied from a small single group, ideal for pubs & small restaurants, to full 4-group machines for large outlets.

We offer you tailor made drinks solutions and we take the trouble to find out what is the best equipment for each individual business.

The high quality machines can be purchased or leased with a minimum of outlay.    Total package of machine, water softener, drawer, installation and full Barista Training.

Our maintenance & servicing department has over 30 years experience so you can rely on us for speed and efficiency. 
All major repairs on machines are carried out using our COLLECT & LOAN system.

This causes minimal disruption to your business as your machine is collected and we loan you, free of charge, an equivalent replacement until the service is completed.


San Marco 85 Chrome
1 Group Automatic
2 Group Automatic Sprint
2 Group Automatic
3 Group Automatic
4 Group Automatic
San Marco 85
1 Group Automatic
2 Group Automatic Sprint
2 Group Automatic
3 Group Automatic
4 Group Automatic
San Marco 95 Leva
2 Group
San Marco 105
1 Group Automatic
2 Group Automatic Compact
2 Group Automatic
3 Group Automatic
4 Group Automatic
2 Group Automatic Tall
3 Group Automatic Tall
San Marco Preziosa
2 Group Automatic

Coffee grinders are an absolute must have for any coffee lover. Grinding your coffee just before you use it, allows you to taste coffee how it should be, fresh and vibrant.

A selection of Bar Coffee Grinders are always in stock :
San Marco Coffee Grinders
SM90 Automatic Bar Grinder
SM90 Automatic Bar Grinder – Chrome
SM91 Automatic Bar Grinder
SM96 Automatic Bar Grinder
Filter Coffee Machine
Pour & Serve Coffee Machine
(includes 2 jugs, filter holder and papers)
Ground Coffee Dispensers
Wall Mounted
Stainless Steel Espresso Machine Cabinet
Integral knock-out drawer, storage cupboard and space for water softener, etc.  Counter is designed to fit against a wall and does not have a back, however, it can be finished to customers individual design)
1m wide
1.5m wide
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Classic Camurri Cioccolateria are available in a choice of finishes. These can be used to serve our Hot Ciok Luxury Chocolate drink.

Easily prepared and quoted  as “outstanding” by those tasting this powerful chocolate.

Liquid Chocolate Machines
5 Litre Stainless Steel
10 Litre Stainless Steel
Iced Coffee Machine and Accessories
Iced Coffee Machine
Iced Coffee Mix - Vanilla
5 x 1 kg
Iced Coffee Cups – Clear
1 x 1000
Iced Coffee Lids – Clear
1 x 1000
Iced Coffee Straws
1 x 1000
Water Filters (Calcium Treatment Units)
5 litre (small)
10 litre (medium)
20 litre (large)
Water Dispensers
Water Dispenser – Chilled/Ambient
Water Refills 22.7 litre water – Natural Mineral
Vita-Mix Twin Speed Blender
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