Barista Total Coffee is a family owned and run business supplying Italy’s premier coffee and espresso machines to Wales and the south west of England –

We are one of the longest established Segafredo agents in the country and over the last 30 years have built up heritage and experience with outstanding “before & after sales service”

Great Coffee depends on more than just the finest beans - coffee is an experience, from grinding to percolating to enjoying - it's in the aroma, the taste, the ambience - in fact a true moment of pleasure.
However Barista are not just a reliable supplier of coffee & espresso machines, but offer an extensive range of coffee bar essentials and consumables - cups and saucers, high quality wafers and biscuits, luxury Swiss drinking chocolates, sugars. In fact everything for the complete café experience.  Our well stocked distribution centres will deliver promptly to your door.

From beans to machines to the final cup, we do not compromise our standards and we’d rather explain the price of quality than have to apologise for something less – that is why you can order from Barista Total Coffee in the knowledge that we will provide you with the best there is.


Wales | Phone: 01685 384341 | Fax: 01685 385001 |

South West | Phone: 01934 710100 for Sales & Repairs


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